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Video: The Antlers Perform in Paris Doll Shop

AntlersOn a quiet night in Paris, La Blogotheque filmed one of their famous Take Away Shows with The Antlers, playing to an old man in his doll repair shop. They arrived, armed with instruments and a film crew who  persuaded the old man to let them use his store as a set for their video. Their ambience fills the dusty room like magic in this tiny store.

La Blogotheque says: “To film The Antlers, you have to protect them, wrap them in a cocoon, roll up the bedclothes, close the doors, silence the outside world. It’s a sweet and affabable music that only hatches when it’s swaddled and protected, taking the time to unfold itself slowly. This began to dawn on the owners of La Caravane; they had imagined that we were going to shake the walls of their bar loose. No, in the back room, with a small light, and the delapidated walls, there was just a magnificent sound that filled up the room.”


“Two / Epilogue”:


The Antlers’ ‘Hospice’ is out now on Frenchkiss through Inertia
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