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MP3: jj – “Let Go”


People often think of Sweden as the spiritual home of cute, cardigan-clad indie-pop – but there’s something sinister going on. Fever Ray is out scaring the living shit out of people, The Tough Alliance are getting their hooligan on, and then there’s the mysterious duo known only as jj.

You might be familiar with this pair. Last year they dropped their debut, ‘No. 2′, which was so wildly blog-flogged, that it pretty much broke the Internet. It was the ultimate summer record – narcotic vocals, Lil Wayne samples, and warped tropical clubbeats.

New album, ‘No. 3′, is like its equally intoxicating winter counterpart. It’s icey, it’s stargazing, yet it’s filled with the same druggy euphoria and implied menace.

Just check the video for their debut single, “Let Go”. It’s pretty much the coolest / most gangsta thing ever to come out of Sweden: think “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, but more Scandinavian.

You can download the mp3 too (simply click on the “down arrow” icon to the right of the SoundCloud player)

jj’s ‘No. 3′ is out now on Secretly Canadian

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