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MP3: The Soft Pack – “Answer To Yourself”

Soft Pack
Hype and hypebole aside, The Soft Pack are just dudes making loose tunes. Based out of L.A, they play the kind of care-free jams you could blast while rollerblading down the boardwalk at Venice Beach, or chilling out in the convertable you’ve been restoring all summer. Think early-Strokes, except born of Californian sunshine rather than New York grit.

Since first crashing into the blogosphere a while back (under their infamous former-psuedonym, The Muslims), they’ve been snapped up to play shows alongside pretty much every buzz band on God’s Earth: Phoenix, Vivian Girls, Wavves, The Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand, and The Breeders (to name a few). Last year, they even released an Australian-exclusive mini-album of lusted-over 7″ and web-only tracks. The definition of a cult band, right?

Well, wrong. Their debut album-proper, ‘The Soft Pack’, is chilled, infectious, yet wholly accessible garage pop at its best. And the world’s obviously taking notice, since they’re popping up pretty much everywhere. For a taste, download their lead single, “Answer To Yourself”:

MP3: The Soft Pack – “Answer To Yourself”

You can also check out the official video here:

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‘The Soft Pack’ is out now on Pod.
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