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MP3: UNKLE – “Caged Bird (feat. Katrina Ford)”

Is there anything James Lavelle hasn’t done? Any substantial figure he hasn’t collaborated with? Any genre that he hasn’t, at some stage, made his whimpering plaything?

From his beginnings in beats and trip-hop and discovery of DJ Shadow, to his founding of UNKLE – the decade-and-a-half-spanning project, which has regenerated more times than Dr. Who (past members include Shadow, DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy, and Richard File) – he seems like the kind of guy who’s pretty much conquered everything.

Until the next frontier, that is.

Forthcoming UNKLE album, ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, is exactly that: a new frontier. Now a duo consisting of Lavelle and former-Psychonaut, Pablo Clements, their sound is more enormous than ever. This is UNKLE’s rock opera: brooding, epic, psychedelic, adventurous. Their ballsiest work yet, but also their most graceful.

The latest track to hit the internet is the anguished “Caged Bird”, featuring Katrina Ford – vocalist from Celebration, and collaborator with TV On The Radio. To download, simply click on the arrow to the right of the SoundCloud player!

MP3: UNKLE – “Caged Bird (feat. Katrina Ford)”

(EDIT: Download link disabled. Now stream only, folks!)

Also, check out James Lavelle talking his favourite tunes with MySpace Australia:

UNKLE’s first single,  “Natural Selection”, is out now.
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‘Where Did The Night Fall’ is out 7th May on Pod
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