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MP3: HEALTH – “USA Boys”

“HEALTH SMASH!”. That was the gamma-charged, Hulk-ish sentiment that underpinned HEALTH‘s noise-rock opus, ‘Get Color’. It was a brash, violent,  noisy beast, and their live shows were much the same. Watching them in Sydney earlier this year, they bucked, and pummelled and labotomised. These guys know about destruction.

But this is what makes HEALTH’s forthcoming remix record, ‘Disco 2′, so damn compelling. It shows the four-piece also know how to reconstruct and rebuild.

Over 12 tracks, artists like Crystal Castles, Tobacco, Salem, Pictureplane, Gold Panda, and CFCF step into the fray to remix the best “songs” from ‘Get Color’. They pick up the debris, splice in their own DNA, and rebirth a whole new mutant.

To kickstart the remix project, HEALTH even recorded the all-new album opener, “USA Boys”. Quietly menacing and kinda freakish, you can download it for free below.

MP3: HEALTH – “USA Boys”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘Disco 2′ is out 25th June on Popfrenzy.

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