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MP3: Midnight Juggernauts – “Get Connected”

Midnight Juggernauts

Right about now, Melbourne’s Midnight Juggernauts have got the galaxy in their clutches, like they were Galactus.

Tracks like “Vital Signs” and “This New Technology” have been tearing up airwaves for months on end. They’ve slayed just about every single festival in Australia. They’re booked to tour the world. And this is all before their new album, ‘The Crystal Axis’, has even hit stores.

Not bad, I guess. But the biggest achievement of all is the album itself. ‘The Crystal Axis’ is everything you always loved about the Juggers: the sci-fi synthetics, the danceable electro textures, the big choruses.

But their sound is bigger and more expansive than ever. It’s a grand, symphonic, synth-rock opera. It’s stereo music for Starjammers. It’s earthly host to the Phoenix Force.

Just check out this free mp3 of “Get Connected”, which is taken from ‘The Surplus Maximus’ EP – a bonus disc only available with the highly limited 2CD edition of ‘The Crystal Axis’.

MP3: Midnight Juggernauts – “Get Connected”
(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘The Crystal Axis’ is out 28 May on Siberia.
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