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Album/Tour News: PVT (formerly Pivot) Announce New Album, Video, and Tour Dates!

PVTSydney trio, PVT (formerly known as Pivot), will return 16th July with their highly anticipated new album, ‘Church With No Magic’. The video for the album’s first single, “Window”, is available to view now below!

The release of ‘Church With No Magic’ also coincides with a change to the band’s name, from Pivot to PVT. The change was a necessary one, the result of an unexpected legal claim from a band in the United States that used the same name.

“It was frustrating and kind of ridiculous,’’ says Richard. “But it became quickly obvious that it was a legal battle in the US we may not even win, and one we just couldn’t afford to lose. So in the end, we weren’t phased by it. Altering the name just seemed to be another step in the process for the record to come out and be heard’’.

New album, ‘Church With No Magic’, builds upon the anthemic synth-driven instrumental movements for which PVT is renowned, along with the power of their visceral live shows. The sound has been brilliantly tempered and expanded by the trio into brooding, melancholic experimental pop.

The most notable development on ‘Church With No Magic’ would have to be the vocals of multi-instrumentalist Richard Pike. While the band have often used vocals in the past, particularly live, this album sees them taking on a more central role within the songs.

The album’s first single, “Window”, is typical of the dense collisions of PVT’s sound world. It’s a heady combination of vocal experimentation, swirling keyboard arpeggios and pounding drums, with emotive harmony and clear melodic punch.

Directed by Clemens Habicht, the video for “Window” uses an innovative camera technique to capture the intensity and vigor of the band’s live performance. Inverting the experience of watching a band perform, Clemens had PVT record themselves by wearing a small point of view camera while on tour. Seen from a first person perspective, the band and sound is split visually into its three component parts, then rhythmically layered.

Australian Tour 2010
Perth – Fri 6 August @ Rosemount
Melbourne – Thurs 12 Aug @ The Corner
Brisbane – Thurs 19 Aug @ Zoo
Sydney – Sat 21 Aug @ Manning Bar

Video: PVT – “Window”

PVT’s ‘Church With No Magic’ is out 16th July on Warp.
“Window” will be available as a digital single on
7th June.

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