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Album News: Snowman Discuss Forthcoming Third Album

SnowmanAccording to our pals at Remote Control Records, Perth’s Snowman are currently locked in the studio, recording their third album! The new album follows the band’s blood-curdling, 2008 masterwork, ‘The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan’ (which, to this day, still sends shivers down our spines).

The yet-to-be-named album is described by the bands as being, “creamier and dreamier than the last. Still rhythmically driven, but also awash in textural walls of sound.”

Written over two years, in ten different countries whilst living in and touring Europe, the album quite inevitably explores the themes of displacement, dislocation and “the removal of ones self from ones home”.

The band have again teamed up with fellow Aussie producer Aaron Cupples (The Drones, Paul Kelly) and have begun recording in various locations throughout London.

Frontman Joe McKee describes the new songs as, “a communication with the past. A romance with fading memories/ghosts. A conversation with something that no longer exists and the sadness and eventual “moving on” that comes with that. It is a healing process.”

“It’s about tearing yourself away from the things you love in order to do just that…move on. It’s about not turning into this thing that you have created. Keeping that distance. Killing the myth.”

If, for whatever reason, you’ve forgotten how cut-your-throat awesome Snowman are, just check out their 2008 single, “We Are The Plague”.

Stay up to date with further developments over at Remote Control Records’ blog.

Video: Snowman – “We Are The Plague”

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Snowman’s ‘The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan’ is out now on Dot Dash/Remote Control through Inertia
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