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MP3: Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector [Xaphoon Jones Remix]“

Darwin Deez

Wanna hear the most exciting words since “the winner is Siddey”? Try: “Darwin Deez at Parklife”

This morning’s announcement that the Michael Jackson of indie-pop, aka. Darwin Deez, will be touching down in Australia this September/October, pretty much guarantees we’re all in for the time of our lives.

I mean, this guy is the total package. He writes Earth’s catchiest pop songs, dances like Paul Mercurio doing Jazzercise, and makes videos which induce smiles/excitement/LOLs.

This guy is so widely loved, in fact, that his #1 fan Xaphoon Jones – better known as one-half of hip-hop/electro duo, Chiddy Bang - went out and made a completely unauthorised (yet totally awesome) remix of Darwin’s hit song, “Radar Detector”. It’s got a ballooning 8-bit beat and chipmunk vocals samples, and it will make you happy. We promise.

We’ve also included a stream of Darwin’s original, which is available now on iTunes.

MP3: Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector” + “Radar Detector [Xaphoon Jones] Remix”

Darwin Deez and Chiddy Bang will both be touring Australia for Parklife.

Tour Dates 2010
Gold Coast – Saturday 25 September
Perth – Sunday 26 September
Melbourne – Saturday 2 October
Sydney – Sunday 3 October
Adelaide – Monday 4 October

‘Darwin Deez’ is out now on Pod.
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