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MP3: Kite Club, Dear Time’s Waste, and Castratii

Australia’s Got Talent. New Zealand too, it seems. And, contrary to what some might believe, you don’t need the help of Kyle Sandilands and Brian McFadden to discover it.

Hell, just flick through Speak N Spell‘s forthcoming calendar, and you’ll come across a trio of Australian/NZ digital releases which will have you screamin’ “touchdown” like Mark Holden at the Super Bowl.

Kite Club is a one-man beam of sunshine-pop from the Central Coast of NSW. Taken from his debut EP ‘Esoterica’, the below free mp3 of “Royal Gums” is a flamboyant burst of wonderful: radiant strings, with a free-range falsetto trotting about the place.

New Zealand’s Dear Time’s Waste (real name: Claire Duncan) is just as mesmeric – but with a little tension for good measure. Having played gigs with the likes of Deerhunter and Woelv, she’s well-versed in the art of turning songs into dark, alluring secrets. This free mp3 of  “Clandestine” – taken from her debut EP, ‘Room For Rent’ - is every bit as closely-guarded as the title suggests.

And then there’s the mysterious Sydney artist/group/entity (?) known only as Castratii. With little-to-no information on this project, it’s only safe to guess that the recently-paroled Varg Vikernes has decided to write an alternative score for Liquid Sky’. Or, maybe Trent Reznor decided to soundtrack The Glass Guillotine. Whatever. This free mp3 of “Surrogates” is dark.

MP3: Kite Club, Dear Time’s Waste, and Castratii

Dear Times Waste’s ‘Room For Rent’ is out now on Speak N Spell (Buy iTunes)
Castratii’s ‘The Telling Of Bees’ is out 3rd July on Speak N Spell.
Kite Club’s ‘Esoterica’ is out 9th July on Speak N Spell

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