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MP3: Kode9 – “You Don’t Wash [Dub]“

When the dubstep virus was still a specimen under a microscope in a government lab somewhere, Kode9 was chief scientist. And when the contagion was unleashed unto the world, it was his pioneering Hyperbub imprint (home of Burial and Zomby) that released the gas on the subway.

In short, Kode9′s mutant dancefloor sound has been at the forefront of the scene for more than six years now, and in a landmark year for the genre (Lorn! Rusko! Scuba!), his entry into !K7′s iconic ‘DJ Kicks’ series is more welcome than ever.

But don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself in for, ’cause you don’t. Firstly, this isn’t just any dubstep mix; it’s a deep, brilliant journey through everything from grime and R&B to broken beat and UK funky: full tracklist here.

Secondly, Kode9′s own exclusive contribution – the all-new track, “You Don’t Wash [Dub]“ – is surprisingly bombastic. For a genre often content to lurk in the shadows, this cut runs outdoors and limbos through the tropics. It’s got hi-hats and marimba. It’s got sweltering bursts of synth. It’s pretty much dubstep – but with shorts on. Download it for free below.

MP3: Kode9 – “You Dont Wash [Dub]”

You can also download new and exclusive tracks from Juan McLean and Matthew Holden’s ‘DJ Kicks’ mixes, by clicking here.

‘DJ Kicks’ is out now on !K7 through Inertia
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