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MP3: Ratatat – “Party With Children”

It’s not every day that an electronic duo gets Kid Cudi dialling them up, wanting to collaborate. But Ratatat ain’t no normal “electronic duo”.

In fact, no single epithet could ever do their trademark sound justice. It’s something between high battle at Castlevania, and The Neptunes in deep space. Arcade adventure and MIDI melodrama, meets electro-pop slickness and hip-hop futurism. And if all that hyperbole fails to capture it, who cares? The tunes just speak for themselves.

Just check out the guys’ new single, “Party With Children”, fromĀ  latest album, ‘LP4′. Something like a cocktail party favourite for Brazilian robots.

MP3: Ratatat – “Party With Children”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

(via Remote Control Records)

‘Lp4′ is out now on XL through Inertia
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