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Video: Darwin Deez Releases Kooky Dance Clip for “DNA”

Darwin DeezIt’s a well-known fact that when Darwin Deez isn’t penning insanely infectious pop songs, he’s out dancing, thinking about dancing, or encouraging others to dance.

So it’s no surprise that he’s put out this incredible viral video for his track “DNA”, boasting history’s sunniest-ever contemporary dance routine.

Directed by Darwin’s sometimes-drummer, Miles Crawford, and choreographed by Joshua Pelatzky, the video explores all the wonders of couplehood. It stars dancers, Mishay Petronelli and Joshua Pelatzky, as “Red” and “Blue”.

It also features Miles Crawford himself as “Pink”, and Darwin Deez’s bassist, Michelle Dorrance as “Yellow”. Did we mention that, when they’re not performing with Darwin, both happen to be professional dancers? You might also recognise Charlene DeGuzman (“Purple”) from the “Radar Detector” video.

The whole thing was shot for less than $100, proving once again that you don’t need a big budget to make something truly extraordinary.

Darwin Deez will be touring Australia for Parklife.

Tour Dates 2010
Gold Coast – Saturday 25 September
Perth – Sunday 26 September
Melbourne – Saturday 2 October
Sydney – Sunday 3 October
Adelaide – Monday 4 October

‘Darwin Deez’ is out now on Pod.
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