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Guest Blog: Darwin Deez introducing… Scary Mansion

Darwin Deez / Scary Mansion

Welcome to “Introducing…”: a brand new, regular segment, where established indie artists offer tips on their favourite up-and-coming bands. This week, indie-pop tycoon, Darwin Deez, guest-blogs about Brooklyn-based rockers, Scary Mansion.

Recently, we played at Santos Party House in Manhattan with this great band called Scary Mansion.  They are a loud, hard rockin’ 3-piece fronted by the beautiful, pale-skinned, quasi-famous illustrator, Leah Hayes.  Leah is about 92 pounds of pure charisma.  The dark kind of charisma.  And 25 inches of hair.  The dark kind.  She’s actually kind of like a super-muse, having inspired more than a few great songs over the years by famous and quasi-famous male songwriters.

Her own songs are equally great, and full of wretched pathos and excruciating vulnerability.  Expertly understated anguish, very intimate, and very raw.  But the interesting thing that really pushes it over the levee is the 90′s-style hard rock production, furnished in no small part by Ben Shaprio and Bradley Banks – two seriously manly dudes.  They’re both exceedingly nice to me, but they beat the shit out of their instruments! It makes me glad because it’s gratifying to see the songs get pounded out way they deserve.

I think my favorite lyric – and it’s a good first line of a song – is “tomorrow morning, March 22nd, you’ll be alone.” I might steal that.  Oh, and she plays the thunderstick, which is like a 3 string guitar that sounds like a banjo.

Stream: Introducing… Scary Mansion

Hear more Scary Mansion, over at the band’s MySpace.
You can order Scary Mansion’s latest album, ‘Make Me Cry’, over at Talitres Records.

Darwin Deez will both be touring Australia for Parklife.
Gold Coast – Sat 25 September @ Parklife
Perth – Sun 26 September @ Parklife
Melbourne – Sat 2 October @ Parklife
Sydney – Sun 3 October @ Parklife
Adelaide – Mon 4 October @ Parklife

‘Darwin Deez’ is out now on Pod.
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