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Guest Blog: PVT introducing… Ghoul

PVT / Ghoul
Welcome to “Introducing…”: a brand new, regular segment, where established indie artists offer tips on their favourite up-and-coming bands. This week, Laurence Pike of Sydney trio, PVT, guest-blogs about fellow Sydney experimentalists, Ghoul.

One evening a couple of years ago the guys from Sydney band Seekae recommend I head out with them to check out a new local band called Ghoul.

After the gig, I introduced myself and was handed an album length demo, which I proceeded to listen to every day for about 2 months.
Here, I thought, was Sydney finally living up to something more than its inimitable lifestyle qualities, with music that couldn’t have been made anywhere else, or at any other point.

Ghoul is exactly that, the result of their place in time. They’re a band that, with an average age of about 21, has few creative boundaries, mainly the result of growing up with limitless online access to any music imaginable, soaking it up like a big greedy sponge. The outcome of this unlimited exposure is a yet to be released debut record which I think possesses the fearlessness and invention of a group far beyond their years.

There are few divisions for them between the history of experimental music, the use of technology and popular sound. It’s all fair game in their minds. Admittedly there is an awful surplus of indie bands in their generation suffering from a sort of cultural A.D.D. and not saying anything as a result, but what sets Ghoul apart in my opinion is an ambition and vision driven by the determination to find their own sound.

Built upon the precocious talents and distinctive voice of singer/engineer/producer Ivan Vizintin, their music can be abstract, atmospheric, intensely rhythmic and at times defies conventional structures, yet it’s fiercely melodic, inventive and accessible, maintaining a focus worthy of repeated listening.

I like Ghoul, I think their music is bold and has huge potential, and coming from a Sydney music scene that is renowned for being fraught with style over substance at the best of times, I look forward to hearing a lot more of it.

MP3: Introducing… Ghoul

Ghoul are giving away their entire 2008 debut, ‘A Mouthful Of Gold’, as a free download: get it here. Their forthcoming album, ‘Dunks’, will be out 2010. Ghoul will be performing alongside PVT at Manning Bar on Sat 21 August.

PVT will be touring Australia in August
Perth: Fri 6 August @ Rosemount w/ Astral Travel & Predrag Delibasich (Buy Tickets)
Melbourne: Thurs 12 Aug @ The Corner w/ Seekae & Tantrums (Buy Tickets)
Brisbane: Thurs 19 Aug @ Zoo w/ Seekae & Comic Sans (Buy Tickets)
Sydney: Sat 21 Aug @ Manning Bar w/ Seekae & Ghoul (Buy Tickets)

PVT’s ‘Church With No Magic’ is out now on Warp
Buy Album (w/ bonus 7″)

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