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MP3: Deerhunter – “Revival”

I’m pretty sure that Deerhunter‘s gig at Sydney’s Annandale back in 2008, was the longest I’ve ever held my breath. From the opening burst of sound to the final echo of reverb, there was nothing else in my world. Oxygen seemed unimportant.

It all comes back, listening to “Revival” - the first track to leak from the group’s forthcoming album, ‘Halcyon Digest’. Although a departure from the ambient noise-rock and shoegaze which has characterised their past work, it’s perfectly at home with the group’s overarching ethos: to reinvent pop as art, and vice versa.

It’s light and jangly. Intricate, yet weightless. And as frontman Bradford Cox sings – “freedom, silence, always” – there’s plenty of room to breathe, and take in the wonders. Heaven for our ears. Mercy on our lungs. You can tell this album’s gonna be something truly special…

MP3: Deerhunter – “Revival”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘Halcyon Digest’ is out September 2010 on 4AD/Remote Control through Inertia.

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