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MP3: M.I.A – “XXXO [Remix] (feat. Jay-Z)”

Who do you think it was that discovered the magic formula: “Anything + Jay-Z = Something Better”? Come to think of it, it was probably Jay-Z who worked it out. That’s why he’s fashioning insoles for his Air Force 1s outta $100 bills, and we’re taping together 5c pieces in the hope of fooling the vending machine.

But that’s life. Never hate the player. Especially when he’s teaming up with everybody’s favourite iconoclast, M.I.A, for this unbeatable, non-album remix of her hit, “XXXO”.

With M.I.A’s brain-scramblingly genius new album, ‘/\/\/\Y/\’ (pronounced, “Maya”), hitting shelves this Friday, this is just a small taste of the pop-meets-agit-prop madness to expect.

M.I.A – “XXXO [Remix] (feat. Jay-Z)”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

(via The Music Network)

‘M/\/\/\Y/\’ is out 9th July on XL Records/Remote Control through Inertia
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