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MP3: Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues”

Justin Townes Earle

Born in Nashville, now living in New York; Justin Townes Earle may be “country”, but don’t let that fool ya. This isn’t just music for dusty highways and distant frontiers. It’s also for dive bars and thrift stores, lonely nights at the movies and warm summer afternoons.

With every honey-glazed, charcoal-filtered lyric, Earle manages to impart the kinda wisdom that’s usually only whispered between strangers on bar stools. His tunes jump from quietly introspective to foot tappin’, quicker than the mood swings of an old drunk.

Earle’s newest album, ‘Harlem River Blues’, will be out 24th September, and it’s got pretty much everything you could hope for: whisky-soaked melancholy, swaggering blues-rock and home-cooked soul. For a taste, drop in your e-mail address and check out the album’s gospel-infused title track.

MP3: Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues”

‘Harlem River Blues’ is out 24th September on Bloodshot through Inertia

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