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MP3: Walter Gibbons / Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics

Walter Gibbons
We’re rapidly rolling towards a big weekend of federal elections, gigs aplenty, and the usual parties and inebriated adventures. We can’t think of a better soundtrack, then, than the latest sounds from vintage dance and worldbeat haven, Strut Records.

To get you in a Zen state of mind before hitting the voting booth, we’ve got some cerebral jazz courtesy of enigmatic American instrumentalist, Lloyd Miller, and UK guardians of jazz-funk, The Heliocentrics. This free mp3 of “Electricone” is a basket of mind-massaging, freeform, psychedelic, Eastern cinematic wonder. These are the kinda sounds you’d imagine would burst out, if you cracked open Confucius’ head.

And to soundtrack the ensuing Saturday night of lavish indulgence, we’ve got a vintage disco delight from TC James & The Fist O’Funk. This 11 minute mix of “Get Up On Your Feet” is taken from the acclaimed new retrospective of legendary 70s’ DJ and dance-pioneer, Walter Gibbons (pictured above).

Don’t be fooled by the overalls, neatly-parted hair, or baby-soft mo’ – Gibbons could inject flamboyance into a disco edit like no other. This track’ll make you wanna squeeze into John Travolta’s tighest, whitest pants and party like there was no such thing as STIs.

MP3: Strut Records – Sampler

‘Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics’ is out now on Strut
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Walter Gibbons’ ‘Jungle Music’ is out now on Strut
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