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MP3: Wavves – “Post Acid”


“There are songs about hating myself, but there are also songs
about driving in a car with a balloon and playing Nintendo too.”

- Nathan Williams, 2010

I’ve never seen an artist better sum up their craft, than Nathan Williams‘ above description of his latest album, ‘King Of The Beach’. Under his Wavves pseudonym, Williams captures all of the most exhilarating and humiliating things about life – all via catchy tunes about summer, surfing, slacking, and self-hatred.

Think Mark Hoppus, with 69% more immaturity. Think Billy Joe Armstrong, with 100% less conviction. Think Brian Wilson, with the same amount of drugs but little-to-no sense of perfectionism. Or just forget all of that, and think about babes, weed, skateboards, and how much you’d give to put a brick through your boss/math teacher’s car window.

You probably got a good taste of ‘King Of The Beach’  when Triple J made it their feature album last week but – in case all that airplay just gave you the munchies – here’s a free mp3 of “Post Acid” to chow down on. For the rest, hit up iTunes now or pre-order a CD from your local music store.

MP3: Wavves – “Post Acid”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘King Of The Beach’ is out now on iTunes
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‘King Of The Beach’ is out on CD on 3rd September through Pod

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