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MP3/Giveaway: UNKLE – “Natural Selection [Holy Fuck vs Ki:Theory Remix]“


As James Lavelle and Pablo Clements have shown over recent months, UNKLE is a multi-tiered experience. From art exhibitions and short films, to collaborations with acclaimed film directors and soundtracks to extreme sports docos, these guys really know how to push the boundaries of their craft.

But at their raw centre, the duo always remain about music and its infinite possibilities. I mean, just listen to this latest free remix of “Natural Selection” from Toronto experimentalists Holy Fuck and Virginian cut-and-paste dynamo, Ki:Theory.

Using the fuzz-rock of the original as a pallette, the remix reinvents the track as a soaring, omniscient force. It echoes and chimes, and shines light upon a world exploding with wonders.

MP3: UNKLE – “Natural Selection [Holy Fuck vs Ki:Theory Remix]”

To celebrate the ever-evolving creature that is UNKLE, we thought we’d give away three copies of the duo’s new album, ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ on CD.

In light of filmmakers recent efforts adapting UNKLE’s music to film, we thought that for your chance to win, you could simply tell us in ten words or less what images come to your mind when you listen to UNKLE .

Crashing avalanches? Herds of water buffalo? The glistening pectorals of liberally-oiled Greco-Roman wrestlers? (no judgment, we promise)

Make sure to include a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you win (this will be kept private). Competition closes at 12:00PM AEST on Wednesday 18th August. Those five entrants deemed to have the best/funniest/awesomest answers will be notified via e-mail that afternoon.

UNKLE’s ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ is out now on Pod
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