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Stream: Hear Gonjasufi remixed Bear In Heaven and Mark Pritchard

GonjasufiBohemian beats genius, Gonjasufi, will follow this year’s universally acclaimed ‘A Sufi & A Killer’ with an album of remixes entitled, ‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’.

Out 1st October on Warp, the album will feature reworks by Bibio, Broadcast, Bear In Heaven, Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313), and more.

Like the Caliphs of the Ummahs of the 7th century, orchestrating affairs from their palaces, Gonjasufi has assembled a collection of artists in his musical world and invited them to exchange ideas.  In this spirit, the symbolic and musical centerpiece of the album, as well as its namesake, is the result of the mutual admiration formed between Gonjasufi and Broadcast and The Focus Group. A bewitching, drastic re-working of “DedNd” it takes the form of a suite of layered compositions and radiophonic transmissions.

Elsewhere, reinterpretations from new talents shine while established artists continue to surprise. Mark Pritchard channels Ennio Morricone with epic orchestral dystopia on his remix of “Ancestors” while retaining the inherent gravity of Flying Lotus’ original production.  Bibio smooths out the rough edges of “Candylane” for a remix indebted to the 1980s R&B leftfield, while Brooklyn’s Bear In Heaven and Oneohtrix Point Never deal in heavy motorik meditations and ethereal musique concrete.

You can stream the remixes by NYC electronic trio, Bear In Heaven, and U.K innovator Mark Pritchard below, as well as check out the entire mouth-watering tracklisting!

Stream: Gonjasufi – ‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’ Sampler

01. Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Rmx)
02. Candylane (Bibio Remix)
03. Ageing (Dam Mantle Remix)
04. The Caliph’s Tea Party (Broadcast & The Focus Group “DedNd” Remix)
05. Kobwebz (Jeremiah Jae Remix)
06. Love Of Reign (Bear In Heaven Remix)
07. She’s Gone (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
08. Holidays (MRR Remix)
09. Change (Shlomo Remix)
10. My Only Friend (Hezus Remix)
11. DedNd (agdm Remix)
12. SuzieQ (Dem Hunger Bowel Blood Remix)

‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’ is out 1st October on Warp through Inertia

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