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Video: School Of Seven Bells Perform on Sydney Train Platform

School Of Seven BellsNew York’s School Of Seven Bells have teamed up with your friendly neighbourhood filmmakers at Shoot The Player, to record a haunting rendition of “Dust Devil” on a train platform at Sydney’s Central Station.

The day was not without hiccups, according to Shoot The Player: “We headed to Sydney’s Central Station – earlier in the week we’d gotten permission to film there. Unfortunately, the station manager who’d given us the go-ahead to film had forgotten to tell the duty manager.”

Everything was sorted in the end though: “We all gathered on one of Central’s quieter platforms, waited for a noisy train to leave, and filmed this live version of Dust Devil – which the band told us they’ve never done acoustic before. It was a perfect combination of beautifully melancholy song and location – watch for the guy in the background who throws his jacket on the ground after just missing his train.

To read more about the session, head to Shoot The Player’s website. Or just watch the video of the performance below!

School Of Seven Bells – “Dust Devil” @ Central Station, Sydney
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(via Shoot The Player)

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