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Album News: Zola Jesus to Release Goth-Pop Opus, ‘Stridulum II’, in October

Rising goth-pop powerhouse, Zola Jesus (aka. Nika Roza Danilova), will present her international debut this October in the form of ‘Stridulum II’.

Danilova first rocketed into the international spotlight with the release of her dark and sweeping ‘Stridulum’ EP in early 2010. Within months, publications like NME and Stereogum were billing her as one of the year’s best new acts.

Having finally graduated from college and relocated from Wisconsin to Los Angeles, Danilova is taking the next steps in her stratospheric journey – touring internationally with Fever Ray, Xiu Xiu, and The XX.

Combining the six tracks from ‘Stridulum’ with songs from her forthcoming US EP, ‘Valusia’, ‘Stridulum II’ is the perfect compendium of Danilova’s work so far. Opening track, “Night”, acts as a powerful and foreboding anthem, while the romantic “I Can’t Stand” and “Trust Me” are like siren songs for the Armageddon; morose and nurturing all at once.

The newly recorded “Sea Talk” (originally a cult hit from 2009’s ‘Tsar Bomba’ EP) is more enchanting, breathtaking, and downright ghostly than ever. Brand new tracks, “Lightsick” and “Tower”, are equally tantalising. “Lightsick” is a gorgeous piano ballad, while “Tower” offers the Mad-Max-apocalyptic creep we all know and love.

Supernatural and bewitching, ‘Stridulum II’ will mark the true arrival of one of the future’s brightest – and darkest – young talents.

Check out the video for Zola Jesus’ single, “Night”, below…

Video: Zola Jesus – “Night”

Zola Jesus’ ‘Stridulum II’ is out October on Pod through Inertia

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