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MP3: Apache Beat – “Another Day” [Blood Diamonds + Subeena Remixes]

Apache Beat
Apache Beat are winning the game of life right now, and I’m not talking Milton Bradley. They’ve got the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Rapture jammin’ on their forthcoming debut. They’re being profiled everywhere, from hipster blogs to lifestyle mags. And their frontwoman – Australian born-and-bred, Ilirjana Alushaj – is so insanely cool that Jay-Z pretty much has to phone her up each morning to find out what sneakers to wear.

Okay, so that last bit was a slight exaggeration. But nevertheless, these guys are ready to explode in a big way, and with their slinky fusion of new wave, krautrock and prog, they gosh-darn deserve it.

A couple weeks back, we hooked you up with the band’s brand new single “Another Day”. Now the band have some incredible new remixes floating about the interweb. First up is the deliriously upbeat “Blood Diamonds Remix”, with it’s the pitch-shifting vocals and tropical energy. Next up is the darkly atmospheric remix from UK beats up-and-comer, Subeena.

Grab these free mp3s now, and look out for Apache Beat’s debut ‘Last Chants’ when it hits shelves in Australia on 22nd October!

MP3: Apache Beat – “Another Day” + Remixes

(via RCRDLBL, Fact)

‘Last Chants’ is out 22nd October on Pod through Inertia

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