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MP3: Crocodiles – “Sleep Forever”


San Diego’s Crocodiles are up to no good. Listening to their soon-to-be-release album ‘Sleep Forever’ (out November), you immediately get the impression that they’re the kinda kids who smoke and skip class and carry switchblades. But danger can be a blast and their dark, seething brand of garage pop has got it in spades.

Just check out this free mp3 of title track, “Sleep Forever” – one of the first songs to emerge from the new record. It’d be a sweet, jangling tune, if these guys didn’t take so much joy in strangling the sweetness out of it with murky fuzz and reverb. It’s like the perfect summer track, for that summer where some poor kid gets mauled by a shark.

MP3: Crocodiles – “Sleep Forever”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

And if that wasn’t raw enough for you, check out their twisted video for first single, “Hearts Of Love”. It’s like the perfect summer track, for that summer where two poor dudes get shanked in the kidney by their doppelgängers.

Video: Crocodiles – “Hearts Of Love”

Crocodiles’ ‘Sleep Forever’ is out 5th November on Pod

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