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MP3: Delorean – “Real Love”


Delorean go with sunshine, like babes and jetskis and beach bullies. They just belong together. Whenever the Barcelonan collective put fingers to synths, it feels like the whole world around you transforms into that glorious tropical island from ‘Weekend At Bernies II’ (without the implausible plot or Andrew McCarthy around to mess it all up).

So thank God the guys will be heading to Australia for Parklife, to inject some much-needed warmth into this chilly Spring.

One listen to their free mp3 of “Real Love” and you’ll want to be playing volleyball in your shortest shorts. With its Ibiza beat, eurodance pianos and nostalgic vocal sample, it’s a thing of rare glistening beauty.

Grab the mp3 below and make sure to be there when the guys light up the stage at Parklife!

Delorean – “Real Love”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

(via Pitchfork)

Parklife Dates 2010

Gold Coast – Saturday 25 September @ Parklife
Perth – Sunday 26 September @ Parklife
Melbourne – Saturday 2 October @ Parklife
Sydney – Sunday 3 October @ Parklife
Adelaide – Monday 4 October @ Parklife

Delorean’s ‘Subiza’ is out now on Matador through Remote Control
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