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MP3: El Guincho – “FM Tan Sexy”

El Guincho
I wish El Guincho had played at my Year 12 formal. Everybody would have gotten laid. I mean, the guy is like a walking party. Forget bonfires on the beach – this guy brings the fire and waves to him.

Understandably, then, we’re all pretty gosh-darn excited about the fact that he’ll be in Australia for a run of tour dates to kick off the Summer…

Australian Tour 2010

Sydney: 10th Dec @ Gaelic Club
Meredith: 10 Dec-12 Dec @ Meredith Music Festival
Melbourne: 15 Dec @ East Brunswick Club
Brisbane: 16 Dec @ Stag Door, Tempo Hotel

We thought we’d celebrate by giving away a second mp3, entitled “FM Tan Sexy”, from his forthcoming (delightfully titled) album, ‘Pop Negro’. We’ve even thrown in “Bombay”, which we originally gave away a couple of weeks ago. The album will be out 10th September, but preorders are being taken as we speak.

The track itself is pure paradise – straight from some idyllic beach of the imagination, where Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman play volleyball togther and build canoes and just generally celebrate their freedom. Forever.

If you’re gonna be at any of El Guincho’s shows this year, shout us out in the comments below. What track are you most looking forward to hearing?

MP3: El Guincho – “FM Tan Sexy”

(via Stereogum)

‘Pop Negro’ is out 10th September on Young Turks through Remote Control
Buy Album

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