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MP3: Girls – “Life In San Francisco”


Remember when Civil Society announced that Girls were coming to Australia?
I do. It was a month ago. The air was cold and unforgiving, and life kinda sucked. Then the news arrived in my inbox, and everything felt warm again.
It was a special time to be young and alive.

If you’ve been living in a particularly unhip Amish community for the 12 months and somehow missed the Girls phenomenon, then here’s a quick recap. They’re two guys from San Francisco. They’re bestest buds. One of them grew up in a hippie cult. But now they write hazy, effortless, sunny slacker-pop. Also, they’re gonna be in Australia this December…

Australian Tour Dates 2010
Sydney: 8th Dec @ Manning Bar (Buy Ticket)
Brisbane: 9th Dec @ The Zoo (Buy Tickets)
Melbourne: 10th Dec @ The Corner (Buy Tickets)
Meredith: 10th Dec-12th Dec @ Meredith Music Festival (Buy Tickets)

To celebrate the pair’s impending arrival, we thought we’d giveaway this mp3 of their beloved b-side, “Life In San Francisco”. We originally included this as a bonus track on their debut album – also known as ‘Album’ - last year. Now it’s yours for nuttin’.

Girls will have an all-new EP, entitled ‘Broken Dreams Club’ out 12th November. More details to follow soon!

MP3: Girls – “Life In San Francisco”

Girls’ ‘Album’ is out now on Pod through Inertia
Buy Album
Buy iTunes

Girls’ ‘Broken Dreams Club’ EP is out 12th November on Pod

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