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MP3: Kyu – “Pixiphony”


Do Sydney’s kyü sound more like the primitive past or the encroaching future? Are they ‘Quest For Fire’, or the dawning of the apocalypse? Or do they just represent this very moment in intricate, thought-provoking, experimental music?

More importantly, who cares? The two-piece openly and deliberately defy categorisation. Furthermore, they don’t need a category, since they’re such a compelling listen.

Their songcraft is inspired, their creativity is astonishing, and this free mp3 of “Pixiphony” is a testament to that. Built of raw, primal drums and anguished harmonising, the track is a wild and untamed declaration of independence.

Hunter. Gatherer. Warrior. This track knows what it needs – and takes it.

MP3: kyü – “Pixiphony” [Radio Edit]

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

kyü’s ‘s self-titled debut is out this Friday 17th September on Popfrenzy.
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