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MP3: Memory Tapes – “Green Knight [CREEP Remix]“

Memory Tapes

When Inertia HQ got the news that our boy Memory Tapes was headed to Australia for Parklife, we went about as crazy as you can get without taking your clothes off.

Releasing his debut album ‘Seek Magic’ late last year, Memory Tapes just makes the kinda tunes which leave you in awe. Girls swoon. Guys wanna buddy up forever Bert/Ernie style. Everybody gets their groove on.

Amongst the album’s countless highlights was the beguiling, sneaker-sampling opus, “Green Knight”. Now, Brooklyn “witch house” duo CREEP have reimagined the track as an eerie, menacing, seven-minute slice of (what their MySpace charmingly bills as) “rape gaze”.

Grab a free mp3 of the “CREEP Remix” below, stream out the original, and don’t forget to catch Memory Tapes in the flesh at Parklife!

MP3: Memory Tapes – “Green Knight” + Remixes

Australian Tour Dates 2010
Gold Coast – Saturday 25 September
Perth – Sunday 26 September
Melbourne – Saturday 2 October
Sydney – Sunday 3 October
Adelaide – Monday 4 October

Memory Tapes’ album, ‘Seek Magic’, is out now.
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