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MP3: Girls – “Heartbreaker”


San Francisco’s Girls are that crush from last summer that you just can’t get out of your head. With little over a month until they tour Australia, they’ve got hearts racing all over again. Will the flame be rekindled? Will it be as exciting as last time?

All signs point to “yes”.

This afternoon, they left their fans a surprise gift on their Twitter, in the form of this killer new track, “Heartbreaker”. It’s the first song to emerge from a forthcoming mini-album, ‘Broken Dreams Club’, due 19th November on Pod through Inertia.

It’s got all the Girls hallmarks: sweetheart lyrics, a breezy spring melody and effortlessly elating harmonies. But there’s less lo-fi haze than before. Unlike last year’s ‘Album’, you feel less like they’re passing a spliff, and more like they’re sharing a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates.

As frontman Christopher Owens says: “This isn’t Girls all grown up, but it’s certainly the next step up from Album. This is Broken Dreams Club – a record from our hearts to yours. This is your new record as much as ours.”

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Girls – “Heartbreaker”

Tour Dates 2010
Sydney: 8th Dec @ Manning Bar (Buy Ticket)
Brisbane: 9th Dec @ The Zoo (Buy Tickets)
Melbourne: 10th Dec @ The Corner (Buy Tickets)
Meredith: 10th Dec-12th Dec @ Meredith Music Festival (Buy Tickets)

Girls’ ‘Broken Dreams Club’ is out 19th November on Pod

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