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MP3: Matthew Herbert – “Marlies Hoeniges”

Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert makes musical riddles. The fun is in the challenge. Nobody in electronic music bowls curve balls like this guy. And few could claim to be as inspired or prolific.

Earlier this year, Herbert announced his intention to release a trilogy of albums: oxymoronically referred to as the “One” Trilogy. April’s ‘One One’ was the first instalment. The concept was that of a solo album in the most extreme sense: Herbert performed and recorded every sound on the record, shunning all collaborators (he even had to teach himself new instruments to do so).

‘One Club’ - to be released 22nd October – embraces the opposite extreme. It’s technically the work of hundreds of collaborators, having been created exclusively from noises recorded in a German nightclub: DJ booth, dancefloor, cloakroom, toilets. Everywhere. ‘One Pig’ - due in the near future – will trace the life and death of a pig; from birth to slaughter to the dinner table. Yes, you read correctly.

The below free download – taken from ‘One Club’ – is a window into Herbert’s ambition, imagination and strange pop sensibilities. Completely constituted of found sounds and ambient crowd noises, the track nonetheless packs an insatiable groove. This isn’t mere art. It’s infectious collage pop, carefully pasted together by a man who can’t resist a challenge. And being challenging.

MP3: Matthew Herbert – “Marlies Hoeniges”

Matthew Herbert’s ‘One Club’ is out 22nd October on Accidental.

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