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MP3: Zola Jesus – “Sea Talk”

Zola Jesus

You can’t talk about 2010′s brightest (or darkest) young hopes without mentioning Zola Jesus (aka. Nika Roza Danilova). Bursting onto the scene last year with a series of brooding lo-fi productions, she spent 2010 metamorphosing into a goth-pop goddess – not to mention, one of the most talked-about talents in recent memory. Did we mention she’s only 21?

Listening to her international debut, ‘Stridulum II’ (due out 29th October on Pod), it’s impossible not to be allured/romanced/eaten alive by her doomed lullabies and apocalyptic ballads.

The world she inhabits is bleak, foreign and alienating. Cold synths, echoing soundscapes and the like. But her nerve-tingling vocals instil nothing but endless devotion and hope. Morose, yet strangely nurturing.

Just check out this free mp3 of “Sea Talk”. A bewitching sea shanty, the music is the stuff that ghosts weep to, yurei roam to and sailors drown to. But Nika stands by the headland, a beacon of light, ready to guide you somewhere safer. Warmer. Even if she doesn’t quite know where that is yet.

MP3: Zola Jesus – “Sea Talk”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Also check out the somnambulistic new video below.

Video: Zola Jesus – “Sea Talk”

Zola Jesus’ ‘Stridulum II’ is out 29th October on Pod

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