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News: A Day in the Life of Apache Beat’s Ilirjana Alushaj

In a new feature that DIY are calling ‘A Day In The Life Of An Up-And-Coming Indie / Pop Star’, Apache Beat‘s Ilirjana Alushaj gives us an insight into her daily routine.

Numerous cups of coffee are consumed, Double Rainbow clips are viewed on YouTube, parties are attended and pizza is devoured.  Apparently up-and-coming indie / pop starts are people just like us. Except for the part about attending the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 10th Birthday Anniversary in NYC. Not all of us get to do that.

But it isn’t all beer and skittles… “I was pushed hard in the mosh and now can feel a massive bruise coming up on my leg. Undesired injuries. Oh well… after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I go back to Brooklyn to see Untold and Brenmar. They both killed it. Oddly enough, I was almost killed (okay that is a little bit of dramatisation) via a hit in the face. I now have a cut lip. How this happened at a dance party is sincerely beyond me… people need more controlled dancing or something”, writes Ilirjana.

Check out the full account (with her own photos) over at the DIY site by clicking here.

Apache Beat’s ‘Last Chants’ is out 22nd October on Pod through Inertia

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