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MP3: Ghoul – “3Mark”


With bands like PVT and Kyu stirring up a lot of noise (both figuratively and literally) throughout 2010, the year’s been witness to quite the creative renaissance in Sydney experimental music. But nothing – I mean nothing – will prepare you for Ghoul in 2011.

These guys set the Sydney scene alight back in 2008, when they appeared almost out of nowhere and began earning endless amounts of praise off the back of a self-pressed EP, which they gave away for free at shows. Oh, and PVT love them.

Having been quiet for most of 2010, the guys burst back to life on Monday when they premiered their new single, “3Mark”, over at Rose Quartz blog. Never ones to disappoint, the track is an absolute heartstopper – a dark and menacing slice of electronica, with clear roots in glitch and dubstep.

And as always, vocalist Ivan Vizintin’s extraordinary croon looms above the surface. The endless comparisons to Antony Hegarty and Jeff Buckley are justified of course, but there’s something sharper and more unnerving in his rippling intonations.

Look out for the band’s mini-album, ‘Dunks’, in January 2011 as well as a full-length later in the year.

MP3: Ghoul – “3Mark”

Ghoul’s ‘Dunks’ is out January 2011 on Speak N Spell through Inertia.

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