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MP3: Memory Tapes – “Pretend The Devil Isn’t Real

Memory Tapes
So, Halloween’s over. So, we’re a week late on this. So what? Stuff can still be spooky in November, can’t it?

Last year, our boy Memory Tapes shared a Halloween surprise in the form of the John Carpenter inspired, synth pop opus, “Walk Me Home”. It was an epic, 17-minute slice of stalk n’ slash and definitely put a toothy, Jack-o’-Lantern-sized smile on our dial.

But if you thought it was all over – that Memory Tapes wouldn’t be back – then obviously you haven’t watched enough Michael Myers movies.

This year, he served up another Halloween special in the form of the eerie-as-hell, freely downloadable mp3, “Pretend The Devil Isn’t Real”. It’s a little more mystical than last time: incantations from ancient books, written in blood and bound in human flesh. It’s not something in the woods – it’s the woods themselves.

Hail Satan.

MP3: Memory Tapes – “Pretend The Devil Isn’t Real”

(via arawa.fm)

Memory Tapes’ ‘Seek Magic’ is out now on Pod through Inertia.
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