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MP3: Apache Beat – “Another Day (Aaron LaCrate Remix)”

Apache Beat

We’ve been raving about Brooklyn’s Apache Beat for months now, so we’ll spare you the hyperbole. Needless to say, our advice to you is: get on this sh*t. Now.

Fronted by the stylish, Sydney-born, Ilirjana Alushaj, Apache Beat dropped their debut album the other month, and filled it with wondrous cacophony. It’s a tapestry of keys and chords and angsty vocals. But the marvelous musical intricacies stay masterfully encased – like looking at a praying mantis through a jar.

This remix of “Another Day” by NYC’s Aaron LaCrate, then, acts as the perfect counterpoint. Stripped of its instrumental madness, the track becomes a clean club cut, while retaining its utter magnificence.

MP3: Apache Beat – “Another Day (Aaron LaCrate Remix)”
(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Apache Beat’s ‘Last Chants’ is out now on Pod through Inertia
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