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MP3: Tanlines – “Real Life”

Dear future Class of 2011,

Meet your new favourite production duo.

The team of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm (aka. Tanlines) have been building momentum for a good two years now, with a string of EPs, 7-inches and blog singles – not to mention free remixes for the likes of Memory Tapes, Au Revoir Simone, The Tough Alliance and Telepathe.

But if you’re not the kinda person who scours Hype Machine daily, while Skypein’ with your WOW buddies and uploading GIFs to 4chan, then Tanlines have got a solution for you – combining the best of their material so far onto a 2-CD compendium entitled, ‘Volume On’. Easy.

Their cult favourite, “Real Life”, encapsulates everything the duo are about. Exotic and kaleidoscopic pop, that’s offbeat enough to tease your brain and rhythmic enough to move your hips.

Rumour has it of a full-length in 2011 and, already, we can’t hardly wait.

MP3: Tanlines – “Real Life”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Tanlines’ ‘Volume On’ is out 3rd December on Family Edition through Inertia

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