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Album: Edward Sharpe’s Alex Ebert to release solo debut!

Alex EbertAlexander Ebert, lead singer of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, will release his debut solo album ‘Alexander’ this February. The album will follow hot on the heels of the Magnetic Zeros’ tour of Australia as part of the Big Day Out.

During breaks from touring with the Magnetic Zeros over the past year, Alexander began building and recording the pieces that would become the songs for this album alone in his bedroom.

Before Alexander, all of the music he worked on had been collaborative, especially with the 10-person Magnetic Zeros. “I wanted to be able to build an album basically with my hands, like building a house by myself,” Alexander remarked of his inspiration for making this album. There isn’t a single sound on the ten track album that Alexander didn’t perform himself.

Alexander explains that some of the inspirations for the “mouth sounds” that you can hear throughout the record were from all-time-favorites of his like the 1970 chart-topping ditty “In The Summertime” by British band Mungo Jerry. He also notes that childrens clapping games like Patty Cake and infectious and optimistic Disney tunes like “Zip A Dee Do Da” served as loose inspirations for him.

‘Alexander’ is out 25th February on Community Music through Inertia

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