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MP3: Beach House – “I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun”

Beach House

Yeah, okay – this is a tad old in “internet years” (it goes, 1 human year = 7 dog years = 365 internet years, if you’re not down with the science). But we love it so much we thought we’d post it anyway.

Our buds in Beach House - who stole the #1 spot on Inertia’s Top 10 Albums of 2010 only weeks ago – gave away this “holiday song” as a freebie in the final weeks of December. But us slackers at Inertia HQ were too busy slammin’ shots of brandy custard and snortin’ lines of egg nog to get a post done in time for Christmas.

Well, we’re finally back and ready to rectify our mistake. Here is “I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun” in all of its enchanting glory.

MP3: Beach House – “I Don’t Care For The Winter Sun”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Beach House will also be touring Australia throughout January and February, so make sure to get along to these shows no matter what (steal from orphans, kill your grandma, whatever it takes). We can vouch for this being one of the most mesmerising live experiences in the world right now, so it’s totally worth the guilt/jail time.

Australian Tour 2010
Mullumbimby: Sat 22 Jan @ Mullumbimby Civic Hall (w/ The Middle East)
Melbourne:  Tues 25 Jan @ The Hi-Fi
Sydney: Wed 26 Jan @ Beck’s Festival Bar (w/ Parades)
Sydney: Thurs 27 Jan @ City Recital Hall
Brisbane: 4th Feb @ Laneway Festival
Melbourne: 5th Feb @ Laneway Festival
Sydney: 6th Feb @ Laneway Festival
Adelaide: 11th Feb @ Laneway Festival
Perth: 12th Feb @ Laneway Festival

Beach House’s ‘Teen Dream’ is out now on Mistletone.
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