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MP3: Esben and the Witch – “Warpath”

Esben & The Witch

Blame it on Roald Dahl or Dario Argento or that chick from Def FX, but the very mention of witches gives me the creeps. So, by their awesome name alone, Esben and the Witch had me spellbound before I even got acquainted with their weird, haunting brand of phantomgaze.

Since signing to the legendary Matador Records last year, the UK trio been hunched over the cauldron, stirring up a whole lotta buzz. Passion Pit, Deerhunter and The XX have all professed themselves fans, and they’ve been taken under the wing of the same studio magicians behind the likes of The Horrors.

Unsurprisingly, then, their debut album ‘Violet Cries’ (out 28th January) is jam-packed full of dark, arresting, brooding romance. Just throw on the latest track, “Warpath”, and try not to be possessed.

MP3: Esben and the Witch – “Warpath”

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Esben and the Witch’s ‘Violet Cries’ is out 28th January on Matador through Remote Control

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