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MP3: Iron & Wine – “Tree By The River”

Iron & Wine

It’s kinda impossible to express how much we love Iron & Wine over here at Inertia. Every time we hear his flawless, pacifying voice, we wanna climb up into that luscious beard of his and just curl up in a ball and suck our thumbs.

Born Samuel Beam, the Texas folk-pop maestro has grown from cult favourite to bona fide indie superstar in the last couple of years – even earnin’ a spot in the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack brigade.

His forthcoming album, ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ (out 21st January via our buds at Remote Control), has a distinct 1970s, FM-radio, James Taylor vibe about it – but don’t mistake that for cheese. Beam’s songwriting is as soothing, intricate and fully-realised as ever. Plus, there’s synths (eat that, Taylor).

Check out this freebie mp3 of “Tree By The River”. The track’s an absolute gem and can be acquired for the petty cost of your e-mail address. Folktastic.

MP3: Iron & Wine – “Tree By The River”

Iron & Wine’s ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ is out 21st January on 4AD through Remote Control

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