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MP3: Trish Keenan (Broadcast) – ‘Mind Bending Motorway Mix’

Trish Keenan

Like pretty much every music lover on the planet, us folks at Inertia were absolutely crushed to hear, late last week, that Broadcast frontwoman, Trish Keenan, had passed away due to complications stemming from H1N1 and pneumonia.

Effortlessly bridging the gap between cerebral electronics and soulful dream pop, Broadcast were – for many of us – a gateway of discovery into a whole new way of thinking about music. And from the reactions of shock and despair expressed by fellow artists following the sad news, it’s obvious we weren’t alone.

How appropriate, then, that Trish’s parting gift to the world comes in the form of a mixtape of vintage psychedelia that she gave to a friend in December 2010. He was then kind enough to share it at FACT Magazine.

No tracklist. No preconceptions. Just a wondrous new gateway of discovery.

MP3/Stream: Trish Keenan – “Mind Bending Motorway Mix” (Rapidshare / Mediafire)

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