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MP3: Alex Ebert – “Truth”

Alex Ebert
Following their massive Australian shows as part of Big Day Out, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes have sadly left our shores. Luckily though, they’ve left behind the promise of something new and jaw-droppingly exciting on the horizon. That being, the fact that frontman and songwriter, Alex Ebert – ala. Mr. “Edwarde Sharpe” himself – will be releasing his solo debut, ‘Alexander’, on 25th February.

Having listened to the album googolplex times already, we can guarantee you it’s an absolute humdinger. I mean, just check out “Truth”, which Alex has made available for free stream and download. It’s a Western-tinged campire anthem, complete with eery whistling and butter smooth delivery (is it just me, or has this guy got the hottest flow since Biggie?)

Sink your teeth into this bad boy and enjoy.

MP3: Alexander – “Truth”

Alex Ebert’s ‘Alexander’ is out 25th February on Community Music

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