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MP3: Cloud Nothings – ‘Cleveland’ Mixtape

Cloud Nothings

There are plenty of great things from Cleveland: Drew Carey, Bone Thugs, cougars, etc. But the most exciting this outta the Big C recently, has gotta be Mr. 2011 himself, Dylan Baldi (aka. Cloud Nothings).

Having released his Hoppus-rific, self-titled debut last weekend to much fanfare, this 19-year-old is looking to become the year’s official D.I.Y poster child: a little bit Guided By Voices, a little bit Blink-182 and a helluva lot of kick-flippin’ fun.

But for all the accuracy of the above comparisons, Baldi’s sound is also very much a product of the Cleveland punk and lo-fi scenes, which you can hear for yourself in this kick-ass, freely downloadable mixtape/compedium he created for International Tapes

01. The Styrenes – One Fanzine Reader Writes
02. Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
03. Chronics – Test Tube Baby
04. Bernie & The Invisibles – I Don’t Know Where I Am
05. X-X – You’re Full Of Shit
06. Pere Ubu – Waiting For Mary
07. Rocket From The Tombs – Ain’t It Fun
08. Electric Eels – Jaguar Ride
09. The Mirrors – Living Without You
10. Clocks – Confidentially Renee
11. The Baloney Heads – I’m A Drunk
12. The Pagans – What’s This Shit Called Love?

MP3: Cloud Nothings – ‘Cleveland’ Mixtape (download link and track-by-track breakdown after the jump)

In other Cloud Nothings news, he’s also just put out this romantic/revolting video for his latest single, “Should Have”. You should check it out. Especially if you’re into teens doing strange things with ponytails.

Video: Cloud Nothings – “Should Have”

‘Cloud Nothings’ is out now on Rogue Records
Buy iTunes

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