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MP3: Collarbones – “Don Juan”


If you’ve spent any time slummin’ around the Sydney music scene in the past year, you’ve probably heard of Collarbones. The experimental electronic duo of Travis Cook (Cyst Impaled) and Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock) have become a mainstay of sorts amongst the DIY set – jamming in warehouses, pubs, galleries and other miscellaneous ad hoc spaces.

And if that sounds “arty” or “pretentious” to you, think again. Nobody loves pop music like these guys. And they’ve got ridiculously fun covers versions of Destiny’s Child, Justin Bieber and Beach House to prove it.

This kinda explains why we were so over the moon when our mates at Rose Quartz premiered the duo’s all new track, “Don Juan”, set to appear on their debut album, ‘Iconography’, this March. Sure, it’s “electronic”/”experimental”/”DIY”/blah blah – but at it’s heart, it’s a hip-moving, romantic R&B jam.

Think R. Kelly. But weirder. If that’s possible.

MP3: Collarbones – “Don Juan”

(via Rose Quartz, Remote Control)

Collarbones ‘Iconography’ is out 18th March on Two Bright Lakes through Remote Control

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