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MP3: Destroyer – “Chinatown”

You gotta tip your hat to a guy who can team up with A.C Newman and Neko Case for five stunning albums as The New Pornographers, join forces with Spencer Krug and Carey Mercer for two revelatory albums as Swan Lake, and still manage to release nine full-lengths as a solo artist.

But that’s just Vancouver’s Dan Bejar (aka. Destroyer): indie rock veteran, king of the “supergroup”, and prolific, songwriting genius. And ‘Kaputt’ (iTunes) – out 15th April on Pod – is his most fascinating work to date.

You know all that 70s/80s radio fluff you thought you hated? Kenny G’s smooth jazz? Pet Shop Boys synth-pop? Soft rock? Adult contemporary? Simply freakin’ Red? Well, Dan evokes just about all of it here, except without a whiff of cheese or – worse – irony.

Just check out the seductive, saxophone-laden album opener, “Chinatown”. It’s the kinda tune that Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway could get naked to. And that’s without even taking to account Dan’s enigmatic lyricism, which strikes the perfect balance between evocative romance and biting, world-weary cynicism.

MP3: Destroyer – “Chinatown”

You should also check out the shimmering astro-disco of lead single, “Kaputt”. The dreamy, galaxy-orbiting video is a treat too.

Video: Destroyer – “Kaputt”

Destroyer’s ‘Kaputt’ is out 15th April on Pod through Inertia.
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