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MP3: Obits – “You Gotta Lose”


Feels a bit passé in the year 2011 to say a band “rocks”, but – hell – sometimes there ain’t no better word for it. And Brooklyn’s Obits rock. Hard.

Made up of members who’ve played in a ton of other cult favourites – including Hotsnakes, Drive Like Jehu, Edsel and Shortstack (no, not that Short Stack) – these guys make the kinda raw, lo-fi garage that’ll make you wanna tie wrists with somebody and have a knife-fight.

They’ll be releasing their new album ‘Moody, Standard and Poor’ (we’ve all been there, right?) on Sub Pop next month, so make sure to set aside some time in your March calendar to play air guitar and smash your head.

In fact, forget setting aside time for anything. Just start now.
Free track below. Get crazy.

MP3: Obits – “You Gotta Lose”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Obits’ ‘Moody, Standard and Poor’ is out 25th March 2011 on Sub Pop

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