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MP3: Soul Clap – “Lonely C” (feat. Charles Levine)

Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap
The great thing about !K7′s iconic ‘DJ Kicks’ mix series is that no two entries are ever the same. Some make for partying (Juan MacLean), some are for headphones (Henrik Schwarz), some are a journey through an artists’ deepest inner-workings (Four Tet) and others offer a snapshot of a scene/sound in the making (Kode9).

The newest installment in the series – co-hosted by Boston’s Soul Clap (Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine) and Brooklyn’s Wolf + Lamb (Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg) – falls into the latter category. The compilation aims to capture the essence of the collectives’ emerging take on American dance music: deep, gentle, sexy, slow and soulful.

Boasting an enormous nine exclusive tracks, one of the mix’s highlight original compositions is Soul Clap’s “Lonely C”, featuring the velvet machine vocals of Charles Levine. The track’s downtempo disco feel manages has late nights and deep lust written all over it. Grab it for free below.

MP3: Soul Clap – “Lonely C” (feat. Charles Levine)

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap’s ‘DJ Kicks’ is out 18th March on !K7 through Inertia

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